!! OMG, dust-it-off honey: Daniel Franke’s ‘Unnamed Soundsculpture’ !!

The dancer was set the task of moving in reaction to the score of Machinenfabriek’s ‘Kreukeltape’, as three ‘Kinect’ depth cameras, captured a separate set of motion data points, which were then compiled to create a 22’000 node 3-dimensional point-cloud.
Taking out the images of the dancer’s body leaves only the sense of movement, ie. the dance, not the dancer; and as the data points fall away, you are given the impression that what you are watching is transient, and impermanent as though each node creates its fleeting movement before being won-over by gravity.
Now I know what drag queens mean when they say another has dusty knees…this girl, she AAAAALL DUSTY!
[via ignant]

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