!! OMG, Dustin Lance Black’s new project: 8 !!

When the US Supreme Court blocked the trial judge’s plan to broadcast the Proposition 8 hearings over the Internet, Milk-writer Dustin Lance Black decided to write a play documenting the arguments heard in court. “One of my hopes about the trial was to get the opposition in court, hands raised swearing to tell the truth, and have the world see the opposition called to account for going on TV saying gay people harm children, harm families,” Black told The New York Times. “Since the trial itself wasn’t heard or seen, I wanted to get that story out another way.” The play, 8, will debut in a staged reading on Broadway on September 19 before being produced at Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern, the University of Michigan, and other stages Black hopes will soon join the effort.

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  1. I still have yet to figure out why we can have something like the Casey Anthony trial spewed at us all over the place on T.V. but heaven forbid they allow the Proposition 8 hearings to be shown to the public. Heavens no can’t have the TRUTH come out now can we?

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