!! OMG, eat cake !!

Check out the amazing posters for my friend Irene’s “Eat Cake” party in Toronto next week.
When: Next Wednesday, April 30
Where: The Beaver, 1192 Queen Street West, Toronto
DJs: Kevin Ritchie and Candy Samples
Poster credits:
Art Direction and Concept: Kevin Ritchie and Candy Samples; Photography: Graydon Sheppard; Makeup: Robert Weir; Icing text: Jeremy McCormick

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2 Comments on "OMG, eat cake"

  1. Jon,
    I suppose I can see how you can consider this pointless (I do not) but I do not see where that requires rudeness.
    It’s an interesting series of posters which I would have enjoyed looking at regardless of the fact that the all wonderful Graydon was the photographer. Since he was it makes them even more appropriate for the site.
    The only other thing I feel the bitchy need to add is that when you are asked to come up with articles for the site, several of them five times a week I might add, then you can ask if “we” can do better. As it is, I feel that Frank is doing great trying to come up with interesting tidbits for us to peruse.

  2. wth is this so pointless come we can do better than this

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