!! OMG, excyaouse me?: Anchor Slags Mariah’s MJ Performance !!

Some scag on Fox News made fun of Mariah’s performance at Michael Jackson’s memorial service after Mariah apologized via Twitter. Mariah says she was choked up and overwhelmed when she saw Michael’s casket while singing I’ll Be There. The reporter said that Mariah looked like “she was lookin’ at herself in the mirrehr”. Bitch better look in a mirror, too, cause she needs to check her own self! Bet she’s never had to sing about her dead friend in front of thousands of people.
See Mariah’s performance after the jump. It’s clear she’s emotional.
Thanks to Rowdy for the tip.

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10 Comments on "OMG, excyaouse me?: Anchor Slags Mariah’s MJ Performance"

  1. I’m surprised there were no comments about her wardrobe. Is there ever a time she is not showing her boobs?

  2. Oh please, Mariah was terrible. Why make excuses for her? Even she apologized for the suckage.

  3. Everybody loves to hate on Mariah. But thats ok, coz Mariah still is number ONE no mattr what.

  4. The executives at Fox News must all be in jr. high… All they can seem to do is ridicule people.

  5. She could have put it better, but it’s clear that most of Mariah’s upper register is gone. She can still keep a tune, but she needs to transpose everything down to fit this. She’s forty, not twenty anymore.

  6. It’s not Fox News, it’s an O&O affiliate.
    It seems the previous commenters missed that it was Rosanna Scotto, NOT Anne Craig (who’s pictured in the video thumbnail and does most of the talking in the video), who made the “mirror” comment.

  7. This bitch needs to check the mirror so she can see Mimi coming up behind her. Mimi will hit a high note in her ear that makes her head essplode.

  8. That bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Every other “real” critic has had nothing but praise. It may not have been perfect vocally but it was filled with emotion.

  9. Although tacky and disgusting, is it really all that shocking that scumbags at Fake News would do something like this?

  10. This is from the same bitch who counted down to her wedding day a la Star Jones, then spent months talking about it. She would interview people and bring it up. OBNOXIOUS!!!!

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