!! OMG, how threatening: Russian Lolcats !!

Seems like Russians still have spy-games, communism, and the Cold War on their minds. Check out these English translations of Russian Lolcats:

Top: Let this serve as a warning to all betrayers!

Bottom: Our forsaken fecundity stresses our American captors. Bald eagles starve while we gorge!

Whoa! Relax, comrades!
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5 Comments on "OMG, how threatening: Russian Lolcats"

  1. The cat’s intent is clear though. no mistaking what’s on its mind.

  2. lol : ) I like your translations. Funny thing is that they are better then what captions actually really say.

  3. N Sovyet Rusha , cheezbrgr eets u

  4. this is the funniest shit i’ve seen in awhile

  5. the joke must be in the intentional mistranslation of the russian, so don’t blame the comrades.
    my russian was already rusty many years ago, but those english translations aren’t even close.
    ‘To hell with it, (with the ear)– meow’
    ‘In all the world, there’s no food more delicious than bamboo’
    Or something like that.

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