!! OMG, Ezakly!: Kazaky’s ‘Crazy Law’ !!

I love these ladies, but please don’t kazASK me anything about any of this…here’s some of the lyrics, I feel they really speak to me:

“Why am I feeling? this is a crazy law
You can have many laws, even how you’re born

My fencing I’m wishing my rating for undying kiss
First of all I like you
Look at me don’t miss

Do you feel the tempting bass of this song?
Why are you dancing bored and so slow?

I know sometimes behind my back
You want to change your immature …of taking me of the neck
If you’re a monster of flesh
My dance body gonna make you to change
Justify your dreams and dance

Keep your dreams keep your plans
All of this …it’s nice”


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  1. Google translate really fucks things up!

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