!! OMG Fags hate Westboro Baptist Church !!

On March 30th there will be a rally at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas to let members of the very very very very very anti-gay “church” know that we won’t take it lying down. Well…I will…but…you know what I mean.

The Westboro Baptist Church, of Topeka, Kansas, is a hate group masquerading as a Christian church…The time has come to turn the tables. Let us all gather in one place, at one time to (peacefully) show Phelps and his church that freedom of speech works both ways.

For more info visit the MILLION FAG MARCH WEBSITE.
And for more in-depth info on hatred in the name of religion check out Professor Michael Cobb’s book “God Hates Fags: The Rhetorics of Religious Violence” by CLICKING HERE.
Thanks to Darrell for the tip.

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13 Comments on "OMG Fags hate Westboro Baptist Church"

  1. Freddie is READY.

  2. Your average evangelical is basically Fred without the funeral protests and use of the word fag (in public).

  3. The Phelps klan was here in reno last month and last week attempting to dishonor the memory of a young soldier kia and a young girl who was raped and murdered. Thanks to all the 3000+/- Nevadans who intervened on the mourning families behalf!! Yes, March 30th is also my birthday…What a great gift it would be to see the Phelps clan expressions as “A million or so Fags and families” march upon their congregation…. Hoping to be in Topeka on the 30th of March!!

  4. i’m so glad that such an event is taking place… usa needs more of such manifestations… it gives such a positiv signal to the rest of the world… i’ll be thinking and wishing the best for you all on the 28th… hugs and kisses from a belgian supporter!

  5. Phelps is an insecure a_ _hole. His so-called church is nothing more than a different version of the disgusting cowards in the KKK. They should be considered terrorists and the government ought to run them out of the country. Didn`t Hitler have the same way of thinking as Phelps? His scumbag followers even protest at the funerals of US soldiers saying they will pay for their sins in hell!! Why isn`t he taken out?

  6. This man lives off attention. He craves it night and day. Showing up there for the Million Fag March is giving it to him in spades. I think this is a bad idea.

  7. i will have to say, being a kansan myself, all we ever hear about is phelps and his hatey-mchate-hate church, and no one out here can stand him. we keep hoping some outraged person will assassinate him, but it hasn’t happened…yet. lol. i just want to throw my support out there to anyone going to the march! have a good time!!!

  8. Fred Phelps is certainly going to be surprised. Has anyone heard of Matthew Shepphard? It would be worth looking up is story to see just how heinous this hate group is. They tortured that poor boys family when they were tring to say goodbye to their son. I can’t make the march, but let me know how it goes guys, I’ll be thinking of all of you!

  9. WAIT…We have the same birthday! And I thought I was special! lol

  10. I so wish I could attend that March!

  11. that man is disgusting…i wouldn’t be suprised if hes a closet pedophile hiding behind his church…haters like this are usually more sinister than most.

  12. What? I think the Phelps family is fabulous! Especially the DIVINE Ms. Shirley Phelps.

  13. Thanks, Graydon (and Frank), for the shout out. Wonderfully, the Million Fag March is happening on my birthday!

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