!! OMG, family sees Jesus in cat !!

Oh whatever! Hey, maybe someone in this family is the CRAZY JESUS COMMENTER!
Ugh…you’d think Jesus would have better things to do than to tell a middle class white family that “everything’s okay”.
Thanks to Minh for the tip.

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6 Comments on "OMG, family sees Jesus in cat"

  1. Looks more like Osama bin Laden to me .

  2. That looks more like a cave man than Jesus…
    People are so in need for a miracle…if Jesus did exist…and if he is a powerful as some say..why show up on a kitten…???..I don’t get it???

  3. I don’t like most of the cat posts but I actually liked this one. I think it’s cute that the Family had their faith strengthened by their new kitty. God has time to create all of us so I don’t see why it’s strange that he gives us a sign now and again.

  4. I would think that Jesus would have etter things to do than to show up on the back side of a kitten…lol

  5. weird? yes…. crazy? right again.

  6. ahahaahahahahahahaa losers

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