!! OMG, fantastic: Own It !!

I hate this word, but it’s really the only word I can use to describe Ms. Thing here: FIERCE! This is the absolute definition of “Work With What You GOT!” I hope he can make it through any awkward embarrassment he might feel about these and come to love these videos forever. Although I suppose if all the crazy YouTube commenters haven’t persuaded him to pull his videos I suppose he’s pretty strong.
Watch him perform “If You Were Gay” from Avenue Q with a backup dancer after the jump. AMAZING!

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14 Comments on "OMG, fantastic: Own It"

  1. OMG he’s adorable lol

  2. OMG! Listen to him when he really sings instead of just lip synching.
    Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him?

  3. LOL @ Ric

  4. Am I the only one petrified by him? He is the stuff of which my nightmares are made. Those little teeth. The perfect eyebrows. The child/man hands. I don’t get ‘cute’ from this. I get ‘run, run, run for the hills. He’s agonna git you.’

  5. Love the joy… that made my day. Cheers x

  6. The comments this kid gets on his videos makes me feel bad for him 🙁

  7. is that a kid or a midget? Really, I can’t tell

  8. It’s DEXTER and DEEDEE!!!

  9. That is cute.
    The umbrella pulls it together. 😛

  10. he’s so little and beautifully violent. tranny fierceness indeed!

    But I must say, what happened to those innocent days of boys playing with their sister’s barbie dolls? ‘O, how the time has changed…

  12. How the HELL did you get my childhood video?

  13. This just made my entire life. LOVE IT.

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