!! OMG, fantastic: The Muxes of Mexico !!

In Mexico, the acceptance of the LGBT community is quite polarized. But in the southern state of Oaxaca they have made room in their culture for the “muxes” (pronounced MOO-shays), or the men who feel they are women. They believe that the muxes are special and carry intellectual and artistic gifts.

Every November, muxes inundate the town for a grand ball that attracts local men, women and children as well as outsiders. A queen is selected; the mayor crowns her. “I don’t care what people say,” said Sebastian Sarmienta, the boyfriend of a muxe, Ninel Castillejo García. “There are some people who get uncomfortable. I don’t see a problem. What is so bad about it?”

To read more click HERE and to see a slide show of the coming out festival, click HERE.

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2 Comments on "OMG, fantastic: The Muxes of Mexico"

  1. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that Mexican culture as a whole is tolerant of gays, much less that the ultra-conservative federal government even talks about the subject.

  2. speaking as a gay native american male, i am quite familiar with the whole “2 spirit” cultural icon that is a prevalent archetype for many native cultures.
    what’s frustrating to me, as a gay native american male, is that there’s very little room in the culture for anything but the 2 spirit paradigm (or muxe as referenced here). if you’re a plain old gay guy, it’s very difficult to find acceptance within native culture. they only understand the orientation if it’s got a “half woman” identity attached to it.

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