!! OMG UPDATE: Trojan Horse threat REMOVED !!

Hello everyone,
After a terrible weekend of being hijacked, !! omg blog !! is finally back to normal.
We have removed the Trojan Horse threat from the site. Your browser may be telling you otherwise, but I can assure you it’s perfectly safe to read the blog. Google will be updating our status in the coming days.
I sincerely apologize the problem went on for as long as it did. It was beyond the scope of what I was able to figure out, and there was little help available over the weekend.
Thanks again for sticking with us. I hope none of you were infected with the Trojan Horse, and I’m happy to report that omgblog.com is now more secure than ever so this will not be happening again.
If you think you might have been infected with Spyware, the best thing to do is to scan your computer with these two free programs: Lavasoft AdAware and Spybot S+D. If you run both, you are sure to wipe out any malware hiding in your system.
Be sure you are also running a good anti-virus program with up-to-date definitions at all times. If you don’t have one, a couple good free options are AVG and Avast.
Thanks again for all your support. Your regularly scheduled !! omg !! will now resume.
xo Frank

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11 Comments on "OMG UPDATE: Trojan Horse threat REMOVED"

  1. Thank omg you’re back. Missed you.

  2. i have a mac would the virus affect me?

  3. Could Goodle Adwords have been the source? That wouldn’t be the first time. I tried to find it in the original source of the page, it was included via one of the scripts. Sometimes blogrolls are also evil-doers.
    The malware which tried to install on my computer came via a prepared PDF file for Acrobat 8.1. Even the preview function was enough to trigger the virus. Fortunately it was stopped by the operating system and anti-virus in my case.
    Antivir is said to be good for free scanners, Kapersky as commercial one.

  4. wat does the virus do exactly….if you wee trying to get this site and it was bringing you to some other site that wasnt openingup….do u have the virus….

  5. Scott K-Riverview, FL | December 9, 2008 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    Glad to see you’re back on track! I hadn’t gotten a subscriber email for a couple of days after sending Frank the note about what was happening to the links in the emails. Glad I pulled the site up the old-fashioned way; the web.

  6. Steven Houston | December 9, 2008 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    My home PC had a total meltdown on Sunday. I took it to the Geek Squad and they found – 5 trojan & 3 extra virus. My system has (or rather HAD) AVG Free and it didn’t detect a single one of them. I’m out of commission for the next 5 to 7 days and the total bill is $418. BEWARE of FREE VIRUS PROGRAMS!!!

  7. My Avast! caught the virus right off the bat. You must have been looking at some pretty nast sites to catch something that bad! ;-P

  8. Oh my gosh, I thought for a second google was playing tricks with me! What happened? Glad you are back!

  9. to be honest, if any of you think you’ve been infected with spyware of a virus, a full reinstall of the OS is the best way to be secure. once you’re infected, you can never get rid of the problem 100%. I learned this the hard way.

  10. Is there any way to know if you have thi trojan and will the trojan be removed if u use any of those antivirus systems listed in this post….or do u have to use them all….

  11. I’d put up with a virus or two for the sake of being closer to Graydon!

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