!! OMG, finally: new Róisín Murphy music! !!

A lot has happened in the world of Róisín Murphy since we interviewed her a year ago. She parted ways with her record label EMI, got pregnant and recorded a bunch of new songs. Last week she dropped two new tracks during a DJ set in London including the dark and dirty house track “Momma’s Place”, an ode to her unborn child. We are counting down the seconds until its release.
But now that Róisín is a free agent the question is how will she put her music out? Singles? EPs? Albums? PWYC downloads? Earlier this month she wrote on her official message board that her future releases are “not going to be old fashioned. I am looking at ways of getting EVERYTHING revamped at once! Now is the time to be radical and that radical feeling of change is everywhere, including my silly little pop songs.”
(via Produzentin)

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