!! OMG, They’re Naked: Musicians !!

I was a teenager during the early-ish days of the internet where every weirdo in the world had a homegrown porn site catering to his (or her!) own weird fetishes and interests. Yes, it’s nice to now be living in a Sean Cody world where a million giant pistoning D’s and shaved, pulverized buttholes are just a click away, but I still kinda miss the olden days when internet porn was weird, eclectic and a little bit personal. My new favorite site, WAYNE’S NUDE MUSICIANS totally reminds me of those days. It’s naked guys with musical instruments! Why? Just because! Some of the guys are hot, some are totally busted, some are just bizarre, and there are even naked ladies! But they are all mostly in the proximity of a musical instrument or two.
And yes, apparently Guitar Hero counts as a musical instrument. Click after the jump for some more of the good, the bad and the, um, deeply atonal. (NSFW)

Unfortunately, Mr. Guitar Hero seems too absorbed in his video game to show us what really matters.
So you’ll just have to make do with his violinist friend!
Comparing instruments:
“Do you like my hat?”
“No, I do not like your hat.”
Is this guy a cowboy or a trumpet player? Or a daddy!? I’m so confused!!
Totally weird but also kind of mesmerizing, right? There’s much, much more over at Wayne’s Nude Musicians.
(Thanks to De Cosmos for the tip.)

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7 Comments on "OMG, They’re Naked: Musicians"

  1. Hi i want hot pics

  2. Hey – I’m the guy with the violin. Great to see myself here. Lots more of me and my instruments on my blog and on flickr where I’m fmnudist

  3. wow! thanks for the mention. i just wish you had told me back when you called me out! i only heard about this (this late!) from a fan of the blog.
    for the record… i don’t just beat off madly at any musician who comes my way. in fact, as much as i love music, i dislike meeting actual musicians. they usually disappoint in ways you can’t even imagine.

  4. OMG, I love it XD

  5. LOL…it’s a RUSTY trumpet (I know, should be a trombone, but close enough!)

  6. MAN
    that old guy is hung
    love the pix
    now im horny, thanx omg

  7. Damn, Pee-Paw is packing.

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