!! OMG, for the haterz: He Can Dance !!

I don’t know why, but the gentleman in the NSFW video after the jump felt the need to prove to all you jelous bitches that he can dance. And not only can he dance, but he can dance while his weiner pops out of the fly in his underwear (among other moves). What is this? Is this stripping? Is this supposed to be sexy or are we getting served dance-rape style? So confusing. Watch it after the jump.
Thanks to KrisKris for the tip.

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15 Comments on "OMG, for the haterz: He Can Dance"

  1. wtf?
    take off your underwear then put it back on?
    that dude wasnt a hot mess he was just a mess.

  2. A god damn fool.

  3. as long as he doesnt dance, his jiggly self can get it all night long

  4. Bet that room stinks…..

  5. wow…well at least i liked the song…….

  6. That’s the guy that you just know will be stalking you after you sober up.

  7. By the looks of the bed and curtains, I just have to wonder why he’s doing this in his sister’s bedroom?

  8. i need a hot shower and a brillo pad now, i was dance-raped.

  9. Oh…My…How embarrassing for him.

  10. They should show this in ex-gay camps, because I think I like women now…

  11. Well, I gotta say… he’s at least “moving around” – I certainly wouldn’t call what he did dancing…. unless he meant to fall into that wall a couple of time

  12. so stupid…but yeah, i’m pretty sure his “weiner popping out” was intentional 😉

  13. He needs medical care, rite quik! & boy cant dance! sad… he’s likely a good pussy boy though…

  14. This is just plain gross. A waste of internet time!!!


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