!! OMG, Fun With Statistics: Crazy Republican edition !!

Disturbing news! According to a new Harris-poll, 57% of Republicans believe that President Obama is an undercover Muslim. That’s a plurality! But look on the bright side. Only 24% of Republicans believe that Obama is the actual not-a-figure-of-speech Antichrist, “a biblical figure who foretells the end of the world.” Well 1 in 4– that’s not so many!
More totally insane numbers: 67% believe that Obama is a socialist, 45% believe against all evidence that he was born outside the US, and 38% believe that he is “doing many of the things Hitler did.
Sadly, the poll did not ask if people used to ride around on dinosaurs or whether Jesus intervenes on behalf of contestants on Amazing Race and American Idol. Next time I guess!
[Harris Poll]

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1 Comment on "OMG, Fun With Statistics: Crazy Republican edition"

  1. Ummmm, can you prove that any of these statements are untrue? The wacko libs are the ones that perpetuate the myth of B.Hussein Obama. While he might not be the anti-Christ, he is most definitely anti-American–his policies prove that.
    Why not try looking with some logic sometime, and not through your left-wing foggy glasses?

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