!! OMG, the orangest Guidos !!

Has the world’s Jersey Shore mania inspired young people everywhere to paint themselves orange? It could be a trend, and a pretty entertaining one, so I say let’s keep it going!
It could also spawn challenging bets, such as whether or not the boys above like the pole or the hole. My opinion is their orange cleavage is only emulating the tanned female knockers they desire so much.
And the guy below looks like his girlfriend greased up his face for a catfight. God bless Vaseline.
See a couple more of our favorites after the jump.

See the rest of the photoset over at Heavy. (Thanks to Rob M. for the tip!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, the orangest Guidos"

  1. In the second picture the guy looks like a damn mango, skin head and all.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ok maybe if it was halloween it would be kinda funny to go as an ooompaloompa….HAHAHA! i wonder how much $$$ they are out for this willy wonka look..too funny tho.

  3. #1 – gay bar
    #2 – Ken Doll Android.
    #3 – They swapped the faces.
    #4 – Alien Abductions – They pose with their dinner before they eat them.

  4. Please tell me the guy in pic #2 is a mannequin!
    Anyone else having ‘Growing Up Gotti’ flashbacks?

  5. Pic #1…The only hole they’re interested in,is located inches from a pole.
    Pic #2…I thought it was a dummy (well,he’s obviously not that bright)
    Pic #3…Wow!….Just….WoW!
    Pic #4…Words fail me!

  6. Those pics have been floating around for awhile, so the show is not spawning more of it, just that the show found guys that already were following the trend of the area.

  7. Oy. Vey. Look at what we’ve created. Let’s hope they’ve spared their dicks this day-glo treatment…

  8. … Okay, can I just reiterate that the vast majority of New Jersey does not look like this. In fact (other Jerseyites can back me up) until recently, in NJ this look was a Long Island, South Philly and (of course) Jersey Shore thing. Oy.

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