!! OMG, gagging a little: Re-purposed Mac & cheese !!

Admittedly, I’m very likely the world’s foremost consumer of mac and cheese. Carbs. Melted cheese. Melted cheese on carbs. What’s not to love? However, when I saw how many other, err, creative ways there were to re-purpose this delicious dish, I gagged a little. Mac and cheese pizza is the least repulsive of the options, believe me. See more of them after the jump…if you dare.
(via Huffington Post)


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6 Comments on "OMG, gagging a little: Re-purposed Mac & cheese"

  1. I think I’ve done the mac & cheese hotdog topping. That’s just successfully eating with a kid’s imagination. If one can have meatball sandwiches, why not spaghetti & meatball sandwiches? Sometimes food should be fun.

  2. That all looks amazing. Last year, I actually had deep fried mac n cheese. It was actually amazing.

  3. I recently ordered a “grilled cheese” sandwich from a hotel restaurant. The “grilled cheese” part was braised shortrib and mac and cheese. It was insanely delicious!

  4. Seriously, all of this looks so delicious!

  5. Sometimes we have differences of opinion here on the !! omg blog !! editorial staff. I’m with you, Robert. Serve me up some more mac’n’cheese sushi please!

  6. Omg! Are you kidding?! Those ideas are AWESOME!!!! Frank, you’re just a food snob.

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