!! OMG, Get the Look: 2010 to be the year of Elaine Benes !!

The fashion gurus at the New York Times today bring us the news that there’s a new style icon in town: Elaine Benes. That’s right: Jerry Seinfeld’s somewhat frumpy friend has become the sartorial lady of the hour, with fashion plates everywhere eager to ape her inimitable style:

The Elaine look incorporates so many styles – early American settler, gypsy, business casual, pious zealot – that it was likely only a matter of time before one of them provided inspiration for designers. Indeed, the recent resort collections featured more calico than an alley of cats, and a chic Elaine specter hovered over lines as diverse as Prada and Rebecca Taylor, each with a multitude of prim prints.

Got that gals? I hope you’re cobbling together your pilgrim hats, your gypsy skirts and your loafers into one cohesive look as we speak. Make it work!
But look on the bright side– it could be worse! The Times could be telling us we have to start dressing like Jerry…
(In other news, today is Frances Bean Cobain’s 18th birthday. Feel free to go jump off a cliff now!)
[Via Gawker]

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