!! OMG, Get this guy some heavy concealer: Buvette’s ‘Airplane Friendship’ !!

Directed by Simon Wannaz, this video for Buvette’s ‘Airplane Friendship’ is absolutely stunning and the song is beautifilled.
I was confused why the kid had such a large over-sized ham sandwich, until it is revealed later that he has three mouths to feed.
I cannot decipher the lyrics at 01.50, what I’m hearing right now is this:

“I can fart, i wont stay longer
I’m always looking for a shelter”

I’m pretty sure that’s me hearing it wrong, although if it’s not I can totally relate as I never stay very long anywhere after I’ve farted: I too look for the closest shelter, although that shelter isn’t usually an IVY-CLAD-SYNAGOGUE!
[via YMT]

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  1. My money is on “Back and forth, I can’t stay longer”

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