!! OMG, girls first, and now: ‘Sh*t Gay Guys Say’ !!

After “Shit Girls Say” went viral earlier this week, you knew it was only a matter of time before gays collected their share of the vernacular spotlight.

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5 Comments on "OMG, girls first, and now: ‘Sh*t Gay Guys Say’"

  1. Shit Girls Say is more on par with what gay men are more likely to say. This isn’t that funny. It might be to an in circle of 15 people, but not really funny in general. Kind of boring. It’s like a short, cheap version of the A-list.

  2. How wonderful to be reduced to obnoxious stereotypes yet again.

  3. What a surprise. A rip-off of something by a narcissist.

  4. why hasn’t logo released those jeffrey and cole shows on dvd ? there were some classic episodes.

  5. Leave it to Jeffery Self lol. I just wish he and Cole Casserole would do more stuff together, though it’s hard now that they live on opposite coasts.

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