!! OMG, Give This Woman an Oscar: Anna Nicole Smith !!

The Associated Press revealed today that Anna Nicole Smith was under investigation by the FBI for plotting to murder her husband’s son. Listen, if Anna Nicole’s murder skills were anything like her acting skills, I can see why she failed utterly at this task. Hell, even taking out her actual husband– a nonagenarian invalid in a wheelchair– would have surely been completely beyond the bombshell’s abilities.

For those Anna Nicole apologists in our readership who want to try to defend her thespionic prowess, here are newly-rediscovered outtakes from her classic 1996 film SKYSCRAPER, in which she plays Carrie Wisk, the world’s most luded-up helicopter pilot. “I’m headed eastbound, leading your hair space!”
(via PoeTV)

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  1. bmad, you are too, too much! your link/vid aggregating style is winsome for sure. what really got me about this clip was when the musical clip from hitchcock’s “vertigo” starts playing towards the end. hitchcock’s blond, buttoned-up, patrician, icy actresses (tippi hedren among them) stand in haunting contrast to anna nicole smith’s exceedingly dumb, drug-addled, cartoon-bodied vacuity…while she may have been an appalling actress, anna nicole smith was good at one thing: whoring her big ass, titties and hair for money…she dug for gold and extracted millions from the men around her. now THAT’s acting, honey!

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