!! OMG, glitter bombed (again!): Dan Savage !!

Dan Savage took a second dump in the sparkle tank after a protester glitter bombed the writer, this time during a speech Savage was giving at UC Irvine. Apparently, he was in the middle of answering a question from an audience member about her boyfriend watching trans porn when two people ran up on stage yelling “Transphobe!” Their reaction came from Savage’s use of the terms “shemale” and “freaky tranny porn.” But, “…in his response to the question, Savage noted that some folks “have trouble” with the terms. He laughed off the incident, adding that he finds the accusations against him and the act of glitter-bombing to be ‘ridiculous,'” reports Joe.My.God. Savage better strap down if he knows what’s good for him — these things always come in threes.

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4 Comments on "OMG, glitter bombed (again!): Dan Savage"

  1. Since this has come up I went to read some of the sources for what are being called DS’s “transphobia”. Sorry, but I just don’t see it. I see a lot of PC thought police holier-than-thou-ness and not much else. I’ll stand by my original comment and if that makes me somehow a transphobic gay-basher then so be it, feel free to virtually glitter-bomb me to hell.

  2. Glitter-bomb the fucker. He needs to check his shit when he constantly spews transphobia. You can’t represent only one waspy aspect of queer culture, while shit-talking an even more marginalized part of it.
    Fellow homos, get your politics in check– Just because you deal with hetero-normative oppression doesn’t absolve you of performing it on other members of your community. Fuck transphobic and misogynist gay men trying to appropriate hetero-normative culture. I prefer gay bashers to you because at least you can see them coming.

  3. Thanks, antb. I came to express basically the same idea, but you beat me to it. Any trans-supportive people attacking Dan Savage are ridiculous and wasting their time and efforts. He’s most certainly NOT their enemy! THINK for a minute, and protest the right places.

  4. Right, because Dan Savage is more of an enemy to the GLBT community than the people who would like to see us dead like Republicans, or religious extremist (both Christian and Muslim), etc etc etc.
    What a crock of shit these attacks are. What pieces of shit these attackers are.

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