!! OMG, go f**k yourself: Dave Franco takes it literally !!

Dave Franco — the hotter, younger version of James Franco — has sex with himself in a new video for Funny or Die. It’s almost-sorta-kinda like watching those Bel Ami twins get it on…but less creepy?
(via Queerty)

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3 Comments on "OMG, go f**k yourself: Dave Franco takes it literally"

  1. f*ckin hilarious.
    Davey is definitely growing up to be Jamess brother!! the resemblance between them is hard 2 deny,but big bro is just too sexy for words.

  2. Why is it that most of theses ‘funny or die’ videos make you want to choose die? UNfunny stuff …very.

  3. I’m wondering why it is that in the gay community, the douchier a guy is the hotter he’s considered?

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