!! OMG, God hates the world !!

Happy Monday from Shirley Phelps-Roper and the rest of the folks at Westboro Baptist Church! They’ve branched out from crafty sign-making to songwriting and choral performance! It’s kind of long, but the last thirty seconds are completely chilling. (Thanks to Paul M. for the tip!)
UPDATE: If you can get past the initial horror of it all and want to delve more deeply into the “rhetoric of religious violence,” pick up a copy of God Hates Fags by Prof. Michael Cobb. It’s a good read, and as a bonus it might help you understand the kooky mind of our good friend Shirley!

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23 Comments on "OMG, God hates the world"

  1. this is totally creepy…. weird… demented!

  2. where is the DMCA when you need it?

  3. im quite sure that guy in the back …with the weird looking design on his shirt something equals something i butt fucked him twice last night!! he told me he was fred phelps follower but i just thoiught that was a porno star or something..he seemed to enjoy..but what did i do to this young man?? lol

  4. I want to eat that baby she looks tasty! And whats up with the Canadian flag?

  5. This video made me so sad and ashamed.
    Ashamed that I was a Baptist for many years, and sad to know that a person like Shirley Phelps-Roper is allowed to spread her brand of hate and malice.
    It reminds me of the Jones cult and kool-aid, with the followers allowing a mentally disturbed individual to do their thinking for them.
    God! I think I am sick to my stomach.

  6. Little do people realize, the last 30 seconds of the video were actually performed by a 27 year old member of Phelps family — this is just an example of what inbreeding will do!
    I wonder how Under Armour and the great country of Canada (with their flag hung upside down) feel about being so prominently displayed in the video…

  7. John 3:16

  8. ok, ok,… we get it… we’re going to hell and shit; so… know you’ve made your point, would you just stfu and leave us alone!!
    that was some scary stuff… am i the only one or did you also had the feeling that the little girl was going to turn into a freaking monster… omg, i shited my pants… what a pair of crazy eyes, i hope i won’t have nightmares after that…

  9. What I don’t get is how they can believe that God’s the most powerful being in the universe, but he needs these rather unattractive, uneducated people to do his work for him. Where’s the fire and brimstone? Surely that’s gonna teach those horrible fags a lesson rather than having to hear these inbreds sing?

  10. Now would be a good time to plug my book, Frank.

  11. Am I the only one who feels that last 30 seconds almost borders on child abuse. As the gay parent of a child who was raised to hate gays I think raising your children to hate anyone is abusive. Just my opinion,,,Thanks!!!!

  12. i don’t understand their reasoning. they say god hates the world…they live in the world…so does that mean that god hates them too?
    these people are awful.
    ….or maybe they really do need to just get laid.

  13. Actually the sickest thing here is not the people, it’s the fact that they are allowed to psychologically abuse their children like that. Meanwhile look at all the people who can’t adopt.

  14. This must be the result of either brainwashing or inbreeding, probably both.

  15. Firstly, they should be fined for being so out of tune. That was truly painful. Secondly, the whole room desperately needs sex. They clearly haven’t had any for a while. It amazes me that groups like these find enough support to keep going. You think the world has some intelligence and then you’re confronted by this.

  16. OMG!! If I looked like those women I’d go join a cult too!!

  17. I liked the beat! And the melody was catchy! But “cheat sheets” during a performance is a strict NO-NO! Tsk!

  18. I just checked the enlightening site godhatesfags.com after being entranced by that woman’s t-shirt.
    They protest R. Kelly and Billy Joel… as well as degrading Matthew Shepard and all he represents. As below:
    “Westside High School 87th & Pacific St. This is for Westside High School’s production of the Laramie Project. Fag-produced, Fag-operated, Vomit-inducing, Lie-abounding. This is a description of the Laramie Project, from God’s People’s perspective. This “show” is designed to bring sympathy to the filthy, abominable people called Sodomites, Fags, Homosexuals, Hogs, Dogs, all synonymous for the same group of people.”
    What rational folk they must be. 🙁

  19. CuteLvManBoyThing | December 3, 2007 at 3:25 pm | Reply

    So….They hate gays….and they hate George Bush too….Whose side exactly are they on? I guess they really DO hate everyone.

  20. What I can never understand is how people of God can be so hateful. For a religion which features a central tenet of love and acceptance…
    *sigh* I wouldn’t be surprised if God did hate the world. Especially considering that group of people are in it.

  21. uh, looks like they’re gonna get slapped with another lawsuit for co-opting the “we are the world” ditty. here come those evil lawyers now. oh, wait. isn’t shirley phelps-roper a mouthpiece too? can you believe there is someone, somewhere that refers to her as “Mrs. Roper?”

  22. wow. That part at the end…. was it me or did every person there look like they were homos. At least half of the women looked like full on lesbians. I think the worst part was them singing this song of hatred with big beaming smiles on their faces. wow.

  23. Amen! Hallelujah! Jesus is a Cunt!
    Why is that one guy waving the Canadian flag? I’m pretty sure God hates you, too, since you’re part of “the world.”

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