!! OMG, God is watching us: ‘The View’ scolds the Pope !!

Careful, View ladies. You might not want to badmouth the Pope lest God smite you with his mighty smack down. So what if he said gay marriage will “threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself”? You don’t want to take a lightening bolt in the back. So hush.
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6 Comments on "OMG, God is watching us: ‘The View’ scolds the Pope"

  1. Either make ‘Equal Rights’ for everyone, or outlaw divorce, no tax write-offs for having children and those without kids should not have to pay taxes that educate someone elses kids. Or better yet, the pope should clean up his own backyard before he talks about another group having a negative effect on this species. GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY IS THE BIGGEST THREAT. AT 7 BILLION, NOW IS THE TIME TO OUTLAW….THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR AT LEAST LET THEM BE PART OF THE SOLUTION AND PAY TAXES.

  2. @ Chuck
    Coming from a Southern Baptist family, I would normally agree with you. The problem is, the Catholic Church is FULL of hateful individuals who are in positions of power. Catholicism is one of the most organized religions that directly affect the government and society at large. They have influence to an extent that completely overshadows that of Protestant sects that are portrayed as crazy, closed-minded cultists. On the other hand, Catholics are seen as rational and logical beings, when in fact, they are equally as bat-shit insane.

  3. Wow, look at Betsy being the voice of reason on The View. Go figure.
    And that Sherri is a complete uneducated moron. First she doesn’t know if the world is flat, now she doesn’t know the difference between “popes” and priests?!?

  4. Ah The View – proof that mad cows are indeed alive in the USA.

  5. I’ve always felt that the Popes embody everything God and Christ have said are bad things. The judgment, the massive opulence and wealth, the pride, idolatry etc. Even the kissing of the ring, I’m pretty sure it says be humble before the Lord, not set yourself up as some kind of pseudo worshiped demagogue.
    “Demagogue – A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

  6. From my studies in my religion program, I’ve seen a lot of research showing Catholic laity to be more supportive of LGBT rights than Protestants–which raises an interesting question, because supposedly the difference was that the Catholic Church’s hierarchy was more firmly in place and the laity was expected to be more submissive to religious authorities’ theological claims. I have a feeling that the Pope who comes after Benedict will be much more liberal and humane as a means of compensating for the evils of the current papacy. It’s truly absurd when a former Nazi Youth gets such sway over what morality is.

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