!! OMG, good for him: GLEE character comes out as a trans man in latest episode !!

In Glee‘s latest episode “Jagged Little Tapestry“, Coach Shannon Beiste, who is played by three-time Emmy nominee Dot Marie Jones, faced off with Chord Overstreet‘s acting skills to drop a doozy on him and coach Sue by announcing his coming out a transgender man (who still likes men) and that he is taking time off to begin a medical transition.

On why this was the right time for the story arc, Jones told The Hollywood Reporter, “Like it or not, it’s real life. I think Fox is amazing for putting this on broadcast television.”

Again — this type of inclusiveness and important discussion around these topics, that might not otherwise reach such a broad audience of young people, is super important! Kudos to the show for tackling the subject face-on! Check out the clip below!

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1 Comment on "OMG, good for him: GLEE character comes out as a trans man in latest episode"

  1. Woohoo! Finally! I love it when something genre changing happens on shows. This is a story line that’s rarely ever used, and a real life story that’s hardly portrayed in media. MSM prefers MTF trans people.
    On top of that, anyday another man joins the ranks is a good day. Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week, folks. Please, hold your rotten tomatoes until the end.
    Seriously, though, Dot Marie Jones is a damn good actor and I have respected her since I first watched her toss the bigot Al across his shoe store in Married…With Children. This should be an exciting episode to watch.

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