8 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Romanian actor Serban Pavlu in ‘Umbre’"

  1. wow. this guy is stunning.
    i also love that europeans will actually show guys with normal sized dicks (and bodies) on screen. so much more sexy (to me) than the porn star look.

  2. hot! always refreshing to see the non typical hollywood body. i’m not a size queen btw and cut or uncut works for me:)

  3. Thanks, mysonsdad! 🙂 I usually never even leave comments but I just needed to in this case. 😀 It’s so refreshing to see a realistic body, not just photoshopped abs and bulges.

  4. I guess I must just be a penis connoisseur. I don’t care whether it’s small or big, I don’t care whether it’s cut or uncut… I’ve seen good ones and bad ones of every variety, as well as guys who know how to use them and guys who don’t. All I can think of is these people going, “Ewww” just get off on humiliation.

  5. This post has me drooling… and that doesn’t happen all the time. Dear Gawd, he is a beautiful dream. I love that his body is built, but average and a bit doughy instead of all these built hard-as-a-rock bods so often. I don’t know what it is, but he has got it in spades for me.

  6. And what a nice surprise to see a positive comment of this site, archandroid 🙂 Kudos for posting it 🙂
    Sure there’ll be quite a few later on going “Ew, so smaaaall, and EWWWWWWW FORESKIN!!!” 🙂

  7. Very nice.

  8. What a nice surprise to see a Romanian actor on this site. 🙂 Kudos for including him. 🙂

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