!! OMG, good news, stoners: “Doritos Loaded” test product spotted in Washington D.C. !!

This truly has been been a great past year for Doritos lovers, and it looks as if things are only about to get better. Not only was the world blessed with the gift of Ketchup Doritos (in Canada) and Doritos Loco, but now there are baked, cheesey whispers that a new “test product” is being tested in Washington D.C.!
Kevin Cobb recently snapped these top-secret images of “Doritos Loaded” — a mozzarella-stick-esque Dorito that tasted like it was dipped in queso! When asked to comment on such important matters, a 7-Eleven rep confirmed:

Doritos Loaded is “a product that is in test,” although she was tight-lipped about giving out further details. “It’s just too soon to really talk about it,” she said. But an employee at the Vermont Avenue store said the snack became available about two weeks ago, and that she knows of two other 7-Eleven stores in Washington, D.C. also selling them.

Check out some more images of the actual nuggets of joy after the jump! Would you buy these on your stoner mission to the corner store? I only let purely-clean, natural, organic, gluten-free things touch my lips, so my answer would be a resounding YES!

[via yahoo shine]

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  1. Doritos are made with GMO corn. In the US GMO’s are not labelled. The rest of the world knows not to eat them.

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