!! OMG, gossip: Simon Rex is back to showing off his junk poolside !!

Simon Rex and other C-list stars feature their packages to hawk mascara [towleroad]
“This is no longer my body.” Jennifer Love Hewitt gives us some profound Friday pregnancy soundbites [celebitchy]
Did Pharrell tie the knot? [all hip hop]
…because One Direction‘s Zayn DID! Sorry ladies! [tabloid prodigy]
Mel C is back with a new duet and video [popbytes]
The story of Cinderella as told through Beyonce songs. Michelle is so Drizella! [joemygod]
Larger-than-life John Waters star, Jean Hill passes away [boy culture]
Zac Efron dons cutoff jean shorts [socialite life]
“If he can choose between sleeping with Zac Efron and Betty White, he’s going to choose Betty White” – Nick Gruber‘s ex-sugar daddy on Nick Gruber [queerty]
Amelie hits Broadway! That’s cuter than a baby in giant sunglasses! [ohlala]
Somebody find a nice cheese to pair with Chris Brown‘s whine! [dlisted]
Anderson Cooper & Jennifer Paige‘s “Crush”. What more could you ask for? [kenneth]
Handyman tricks [double viking]
Golum‘s lookin’ well fit [evil beet]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: Simon Rex is back to showing off his junk poolside"

  1. Simon, I would never worry about the pictures or the video. Every good looking guy always wants to hook up with the same, we aren’t gay it’s just we appreciate each other. We don’t go with just any dude just very hot, any dude that is on here tell me I’m wrong. I don’t know why it happens even if its just j/o each other . It is what it is.

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