!! OMG, gossip: Sean Penn and Adèle Exarchopoulos in ‘Orange Is The Tannest Colour’ !!

Sean Penn channels Léa Seydoux with Adèle Exarchopoulos in Paris [celebitchy]
Cute! A woman is suing celebs so she can pitch her mini-series [popbytes]
Don Draper and Pete Campbell go in for a spooning [dlisted]
The boys of Instagram put their dicks in a sock (for a good cause) [queerty]
“Money will be shifted away from the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, a group that has publicly come out in support of the anti-gay law and has received millions of dollars in grants from the United States to help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic.” The US Government [towleroad]
Some gays set a great example with awesome banners at first Westboro Baptist protest since Fred Phelps passing [joemygod]
It’s Reese Witherspoon‘s birthday week, y’all! [socialite life]
Actor Aaron Tviet hits South Beach [ohlala]
Who’s showing their hoo-hoo on the cover of a free gay rag this week? [kenneth]
The power of the bebz, the bebz with the power: 10 characters from Labyrinth we didnt get enough of [celeb cafe]
Classic movies ruined by wardrobe changes [unrealitymag]
Let ‘er rip! [boy culture]

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  1. I absolutely love Labyrinth and many others of Henson’s work. A little magic left the world when he passed from it.

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