!! OMG gossip: Angelina is the best person !!

Angelina Jolie asks the important questions about Megan Fox, such as how many orphans she has adopted from around the world. [dlisted]
Rebbie Jackson will care for Michael’s kids [socialite life]
OMG new NYC Firefighters beefcake calendar! [towleroad]
Rumer Willis to play “punky lesbian” on new 90210 [the bosh]
Rupert Everett allegedly told the Daily Mirror that Michael Jackson was a freak and that it was “fortuitous that he died” [yeeeah]
Natasha Lyonne is still alive and is surprised [tabloid prodigy]
OMG Naked Cowboy for Mayor of New York City! [hollywood rag]
Solange Knowles has shaved her head [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new Republican sex scandal, this time involving Tennessee State Senator Paul Stanley [kenneth]
Amy Winehouse goes to court for assault charges [celeb smack]
OMG UK Big Brother is getting totally gay! [oh la la]
Bryanboy gets his drycleaning done via FedEx [bryanboy]
OMG new Freddie Kruger! [gabby]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Angelina is the best person"

  1. Tennesee and Texas are not the same state, btw.
    Stanley is a TENNEESSEE state senator.
    “OMG new Republican sex scandal, this time involving Texas State Senator Paul Stanley [kenneth]”

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