!! OMG gossip: Baby heels for the pleasure of Xenu !!

Suri Cruise gets her first pair of heels [amy grindhouse]
Kevin Federline has made the unsurprising announcement that he will be losing his fat on the new season of Celebrity Fit Club [dlisted]
Two Taylors is better than one, especially when it’s Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift as the most adorable teen couple [anything hollywood]
OMG Obama on Letterman! [yeeeah]
Aaron Carter or Ellen Degeneres? You decide. [kenneth]
Sylvester Stallone is barely taller than a little girl [cityrag]
Dita Von Teese is working a fierce moustache [tabloid prodigy]
Drew Barrymore drives a race car [hollywood rag]
OMG new Madonna hits compilation! [arjan]
ABC’s new Modern Family is very funny [pajiba]
As if flying weren’t already a barely tolerable experience, this proposed redesign would pack us in like army troops [towleroad]
OMG three new male models in their underwear! [frillr]
Christina Aguilera discusses the domestic abuse she experienced growing up [socialite life]
Numero Homme gets pornographic [oh la la]

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