!! OMG gossip: Bad day for TV !!

Fox wants to remake Absolutely Fabulous into something absolutely terrible [dlisted]
Ugly Betty to be replaced by the new Christina Applegate sitcom? Impossible. [just jared]
David Beckham in new Armani underwear photos. Did they stuff the crotch with a baguette? [pink is the new blog]
Ashlee Simpson reasons that because Obama was just elected, her sister is actually a size 2. No that’s not supposed to make sense. [l.a. rag mag]
OMG new Abercrombie boys! [oh la la]
Pamela Anderson gets wild (looking) at the club [popbytes]
A Segway has never looked this slutty [socialite life]
OMG football player butt! [rod 2.0]
Jennifer Aniston will not yet pose for Playboy [wimb]
“Saddlebacking” is the newest way for Christian teens to stay virgins [towleroad]

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  1. The NEW Christina Applegate sitcom? It’s been on for 2 years.

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