!! OMG gossip: Blake and Ryan get hot and heavy !!

Can you guess where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were caught making out? [celebitchy]
OMG Lacey Schwimmer in a position you may have never seen her in before [huffpo]
OMG Prince Harry has landed! In military fatigues… Be still our hearts [dlisted]
Listen to Susan Boyle cover Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy the Silence” [allie]
Ellen Degeneres has gone back in the closet. Guess the first thing she did? [towleroad]
OMG gays in the wilderness: Ideal? [tng]
Anderson Cooper invited his dog Molly to be a special guest on his show [celebrity cafe]
Right-wing North Carolina governor Bev Perdue shoots down anti-gay constitutional amendment. Are times changing? [joe]
OMG sneak peek of the brand new Absolutely Fabulous episodes! [oh la la]
Listen to the new Gilgamesh remix of “I Stand Alone” by Theophilus London [arjan]
Kate Gosselin gets her amazing hair for free according to Twitter [amy grindhouse]
OMG Julia Roberts as the Wicked Queen in Snow White [the berry]
Lance Bass is back producing a new boy band… The new song “Facebook Official” is so bad it must be heard [evil beet]
Adele has canceled her US tour again [popbytes]
Watch Real Househusband of New Jersey Joe Gorga take it all off [tabloid prodigy, nsfw]
OMG The Real World: San Diego‘s man candy! [after elton]
Remember legendary New York nightclub the Limelight? Let this new documentary take you back. [kenneth]
Nancy Grace has aroused the interest of a Fart Fetish group. Yes, really. [socialite life]
OMG 25 animals with prosthetic body parts! [double viking]

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4 Comments on "OMG gossip: Blake and Ryan get hot and heavy"

  1. Bev Perdue is NOT a right winger- she is a Democrat and has always supported LGBTQIA rights. You should make a correction!

  2. I have to agree with the other two comments. Gov. Perdue is a moderate to moderate-liberal Democrat. Maybe not liberal by non-Southern standards, but to call her “right-wing” is laughable.

  3. Under no circumstances could Bev Purdue be mistaken as a conservative. She is a moderate Democrat from the South. I hate to break this to you, but she was the more liberal candidate even in the Democratic primary for governor in 2008.

  4. Ok since you may not know Im not going to get too mad but Bev Perdue is not a right wing governor…shes a democrat…the way your headline reads you would think she is a tea party republican
    Now if you want to talk right wing…then mention the fact that tea party right wing congresswoman renee ellmers is voting against the amendment.

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