!! OMG gossip: Brett Favre’s naughty cell phone photos !!

OMG NFL quarterback Brett Favre sent photos of his peen to a girl and now they’re online! That story never gets old. [dlisted, page nsfw]
Jared Leto is still taking off his clothes for Terry Richardson. New photos! [socialite life]
Russell Simmons is in the ocean with a woman (his new best girl friend?) [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
OMG Naomi Watts plays Valerie Plame in upcoming thriller Fair Game [kenneth]
The right wing is jumping all over 28-year-old Virginia congressional candidate Krystal Ball‘s (yes that is really her name) funny Facebook photos. Get with the times, you dinosaurs. The guy in the photo is her husband! Yeesh. [towleroad]
OMG creepy Michael Jackson scarecrows in Taiwan! [popeater]
The New Jersey Jewish Standard won’t print same-sex marriage announcements, but will advertise non-kosher restaurants. Double standard? [queerty]
OMG she eats: Lady Gaga [l.a. rag mag]
David Archuleta mistakes Steven Tyler for a woman on the Wendy Williams Show [starcasm]
OMG rainbow hair salon disaster! [tabloid prodigy]
Athletes get naked for ESPN’s 2010 Body Issue [oh la la, page nsfw]
OMG this is why you don’t swing all the way around on a swingset [double viking]

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