!! OMG, It’s Coming to Broadway: Sister Act !!

Funny how everyone hates the pope and his army of molesty priests, but somehow nuns get off the hook every time! They’re beloved! Especially sassy black nuns singing Motown. Well everyone’s favorite sassy black motown singing nun (who isn’t really a nun unless I’m forgetting some crucial event in Sister Act 2) is making her way to Broadway to star in Sister Act: The Musical. The New York Times reports:
The musical, which has a score by Alan Menken, lyrics by Glenn Slater and a book by Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, will be directed by Jerry Zaks, a consultant on the Broadway incarnation of “The Addams Family.” It is to begin previews on March 24 with an opening night set for April 20. No casting was immediately announced for the show’s Broadway run
No word on the cast yet, but I’m hoping they find some way to involve Lauryn Hill!
[New York Times]

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3 Comments on "OMG, It’s Coming to Broadway: Sister Act"

  1. total brainfart, sorry. i have no idea why i wrote Sister Act 2 in the headline. I guess I just can’t think about Sister Act without remembering the horrible sequel.

  2. It’s not Sister Act 2 that’s coming to broadway, it’s the first Sister Act. It’s already a musical in London and they are bringing it overseas here. Lauryn Hill isn’t involved in anyway, the girl playing Dolores is a newcomer Whoopi handpicked. Whoopi just got done playing the mother superior over there.

  3. I love this website but the video in this news is from Sister Act 1 and not 2.
    But it’s a pleasure to see again this video.

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