!! OMG gossip: Buy a photo of Schwarzenegger in drag !!

Rupaul’s Drag Race Art Show is auctioning some authentic Polaroids of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as a woman [wow report]
Kanye West looks to the gays for fashion inspiration [towleroad]
OMG Whitney Port sideboob! [bunny with fangs]
New Kids On the Block will be performing on a cruise ship as part of their fabulous comeback tour [wimb]
Glenn Close gets her star on the Walk of Fame [popbytes]
OMG shirtless Brazilian boy models backstage at Fashion Rio! [made in brazil]
Kelly Clarkson‘s new single “My Life Suck Without You” has been leaked [popjustice]
Too many film festivals? Robert Redford says “yes” [evil beet]
America’s Next Top Model veterans young, old, and crazy ambushed the red carpet for the launch of ANTM Obsessed on Oxygen [socialite life]
OMG new gym jams! [pld]
Japanese scientists have cloned a prize beef bull 13 years after its death [pink tentacle]

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