!! Movie Memories: Chris Garneau picks ‘Basic Instinct’ !!

Movie Memories is the ongoing feature in which we ask famous people to recall the scene of male nudity that left an indelible impression on their once-impressionable minds. For our first fleshy flashback of ’09, champagne swilling Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Chris Garneau takes us on a journey deep into his parents’ collection of forgettable ’90s fare to recall one of the most hyped-up sex scenes in movie history.

“Growing up we had a very small VHS collection,” he remembers. “What About Bob?, the entire Fawlty Towers series, Ruthless People, The Vanishing, Hello Again! (yes Shelley Long), and a few other gems including Basic Instinct, which was so weird because, apart from The Vanishing, every movie we had was in the PG area.

“I was eight years old the first time I saw it. I knew it was sort of off-limits but that didn’t keep me from watching it on a regular basis when no one was home.”

Read more and watch the NSFW sex scene from the hit 1992 film, Basic Instinct after the jump.

“It’s been a long time now but if I remember correctly, this scene takes place near the beginning,” says Garneau. “Within the first 30 minutes or so.”
“Michael Douglas’ detective character believes Sharon Stone may have killed a rock star named Johnny Boz with with an ice pick while f*cking him. So I guess Michael Douglas f*cking her was part of his ‘investigative’ work, which is extra exciting because you think Sharon Stone is going to pull out an ice pick from under her pillow throughout the whole four-minute sex scene.

“There is no full-frontal male nudity happening exactly but you do see his penis at the very beginning for a good two seconds while he is on top of her. And all the bonus shots, like the huge mirror on the ceiling directly above the bed, Sharon Stone’s bloody claw marks on Michael Douglas’ back, tied up hands against the bed post and so on, make this scene really something.

“I remember the very first time I saw it, it was shocking to me that by putting something into the VCR that my parents left on the shelf I got to see naked people. And then when they actually started doing it I am pretty sure it was a jaw-dropping kind of experience. It was highly intriguing, completely terrifying, and I felt really, really lucky to be watching it.”

Enjoy the clip below!

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