!! OMG gossip: Christina Aguilera’s music is painful to terrorists !!

The U.S. army has used the music of Christina Aguilera as a torture method on detained prisoners [rod 2.0]
Mel Gibson loves Britney Spears [socialite life]
Does Nicole Kidman wear boxers or briefs or something else entirely? See through her dress and find out [cityrag]
Free download of Dragonette‘s “Competition” (Ocelot remix) [arjan writes]
OMG Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx is fifty years old! [worley gig]
Colin Powell wants to “re-evaluate ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'” [towleroad]
OMG Britney Spears Christmas greeting… and a cute floating hedgehog [dlisted]
Bea Arthur is finally inducted into the TV Hall of Fame [popbytes]
Mormon university takes down and rehangs gay art project [queerty]
Only one Golden Globe nomination for Milk [feyfriends]

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