!! OMG, they’re maybe getting a divorce: Gwyneth and Chris !!

Rumour has it that GOOP herself can’t keep the love alive. BLIND GOSSIP says:

This celebrity wants everyone to know everything about how perfect her life is, and how you can be just like her. We know she is currently lying about two things. The first lie she tells is about food. She says that she grocery shops and spends time in the kitchen cooking every meal for herself and her family. So not true. A quote from a recent member of her household staff : “She wouldn’t know where anything was kept in the kitchen unless it fell off the shelf and hit her in the head.” The second lie she tells is about her marriage. It’s not happy. It’s over. Expect them to remain a pretend couple while the attorneys hammer out a divorce agreement. The offiical split will happen early next year.

Oh it would just make my year if Gwyneth had her haughty heart broken. That probably says more about me than it does about her.
Via DLISTED. Thanks to Kirby for the tip and shared disdain.

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4 Comments on "OMG, they’re maybe getting a divorce: Gwyneth and Chris"

  1. I “get” schadenfreude, but I wouldn’t be happy about these 2 splitting up. I don’t think GP is “haughty”, I think Blythe and her husband raised a grounded kid who snagged a good humble Brit. I hope they have a great holiday with their kid.

  2. Why would any of you be happy about someone getting a divorce? GP has kids with Chris Martin, as I recalled — I wouldn’t want to wish that upon any child.
    Bad karma, seriously.

  3. Graydon, seriously, like what the fuck is up with your irrational hate on for Gwyneth Paltrow? Who cares about her marriage or whether or not she cooks Cioppino every night of the week. I love her TV show, it’s actually educational unlike the shit that you watch.

  4. Why does this news make me so happy?

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