!! OMG gossip: Clay Aiken is on the market !!

Clay Aiken and his hot Broadway boyfriend have broken up [pitnb]
NBC ends its ban on televised gay weddings on the Today show [popeater]
Tori Spelling’s boobs just get curiouser and curiouser [dlisted]
New Lindsay Lohan song “Too Young to Die” has leaked just in time for jail. Yikes. [l.a. rag mag]
Is Joe Jonas packing a giant anaconda into these jeans or is there just a problem with the fit? You decide. [socialite life]
North Korea really wants Justin Bieber [popbytes]
Photographer Tony Duran talks Dieux du Stade [oh la la, link nsfw]
OMG new Brandon Flowers music video “Crossfire” featuring Charlize Theron! [evil beet]
Cristiano Ronaldo has painted his toenails [anything hollywood]
OMG very excited male cheerleader! [tabloid prodigy]
Will Kate Middleton dump Prince William before the big day? [celebitchy]
Coco has finally revealed her secret for a large-yet-perky butt. You need to know this. [cityrag]
OMG scientists can create lesbian mice! [queerty]
The official survey on DADT handed out to American soldiers is homophobic. Shocking! [towleroad]
Trannie mandals, trannie mandals, trannie mandals! [jak & jil]
OMG fastest train in the world made in China! [2leep]

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4 Comments on "OMG gossip: Clay Aiken is on the market"

  1. Clay Aiken is back on the market. Pass. That fruit has spoiled.

  2. even tho it can make people laugh, transexual people are actually people… with feelings.
    I wish we could just get rid of that word “trannie”

  3. Tory’s rack is proof that fake boobs are bad news!

  4. Woohoo!!! Happy gays are queer again! We are in your NSFW blog roll. I’m jumping up and down uncontrollably with joy. Even my man-boobs are jiggling. I’m doing cartwheels. Spittle just escaped when I screamed “yay!!!”. I’ve got happy feet. I am very excited. Wait ’til I tell Guido. He’s my partner at the blog. He will be back from vacation tomorrow. He told me to give up on you guyz. That you were not interested in adding us to your roll.
    I never give up. I’m annoying as hell. That is why I have many former friends and no new ones.
    Well, my goodness, Frank, you came through. You lived up to your billing and kept your word. Now I will stop leaving groveling comments at your blog in return. You can stop dreading reading the comments section.
    How’d I know you added us? Just in the time it took me to go to the bathroom, #2, your blog went from 52 visitors in our referrer links to 67. I tell you, man, all these things do matter in getting seen.
    Well, I thank you for making us 1 of your NSFW blog entries. Guido thanks you too, but he will never say so.
    Just 1 thing, in placing us in the roll, you kinda sorta screwed up Overourhead’s entry. That sucks in a totally non-sexual way, and it’s a shame because they are a great blog. Hopefully, Frank will get up from his jigsaw puzzle soon and correct it.
    Thanks, guyz, and don’t publish this comment either. It’s a lazy email to you guyz.
    Hugs and drools. Mike

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