!! OMG gossip: Corruption at the VMAs! !!

Kanye West explains how MTV’s Video Music Awards are probably fixed [idolator]
Grace Jones dressed like a nun and attacked Joseph Fiennes in Germany [dlisted]
And then she went on Letterman dressed like a spaceman [lady bunny]
Naomi Campbell is cozy in white fur for the cover of Russian Vogue’s December issue [bryanboy]
Michael Jackson writes a cryptic note to his fans [bwe]
Jennifer Aniston can’t stop talking about her personal life. Does she have a romantic comedy coming out or something? [socialite life]
Focus On the Family is laying people off, a sign that even hatemongering crusaders are affected by the recession [good as you]
Soft Pink Truth is performing this Saturday in New York City [patent leather daddy]
Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell‘s star may finally be fading [daily intelligencer]
Refinery 29 releases their Fall 2008 playlist [refinery 29]
Bill O’Reilly spars with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show [jezebel]
Before They Were Pornstars: RJ Danvers‘s high school senior photos [fleshbot, link NSFW]
Timbaland and Eurythmics together… sweet music or sweet nothing? [arjan writes]
Scary finale exit at Rick Owens SS09 runway show [jak & jil]
If you’re interested in knowing who other than the Mormons was responsible for passing Proposition 8 in California, here is a concise list [jockohomo]
And if you want to take action against Proposition 8, there will be protests in each of the 50 states this Saturday [join the impact]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Corruption at the VMAs!"

  1. i am so sick of Kanye West and his mouth. he thinks he is god’s gift to music when he sucks. he thinks that he should get every award there is and that he can’t do no wrong. he should get one award the Lifetime Douchebag Award, because that’s what he is. i am sick of him being so full of himself. he makes me sick.

  2. I love your profile picture! It’s David Hastle Hoff! (I don’t know how to spell it)

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