!! OMG, she’s gay: Wanda Sykes !!

Wanda Sykes not only came out to support the gays at a rally in Las Vegas, she also came out of the closet! I really had no idea she was a Lespian. I just thought she was a friend of the gays. Go Wanda!
Scooped from Margot.

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10 Comments on "OMG, she’s gay: Wanda Sykes"

  1. No idea she was a lesbian either. Although the fact that she came out didn’t surprise.

  2. i am actually shocked how many people are surprised. it never crossed my mind she was straight.

  3. Let’s go get our damn equal rights…let’s go Wanda…she gonna put her foot in somebody’s ass!

  4. i knew it! i had a feeling that ms. sykes was a lesbian. how unfortunate that her surname rhymes with the ‘d’ word, i’m sure that one is going to be the source of some jokes. i’m really glad she’s on our side! i hope other closeted celebs follow her lead and show the world their pride.

  5. You Go Girl. I Love Wanda, She Is So Funny.

  6. Oh Wanda. I love that woman.

  7. GO WANDA! Honestly how did your gaydar NOT tell you she was gay?!

  8. Wanda,
    Motivated, Inspired, and move me…it is time that we as a Gay community comes together.

  9. ROCK ON! She is one of my fierce bitches. Love her. For a long time I go back and forth, “she is a lesbian… no she isn’t… well she looks like a lesbian… maybe it is because of her Napoleon syndrome… nah she is a homo like me”

  10. Not shocking. Go Wanda.

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