!! OMG gossip: Did Tiger take naughty photos on top of it all? !!

OMG Tiger Woods nude photos? [bitten]
Madonna has purchased all of the Hamptons [l.a. rag mag]
OMG what do you think of Taylor Swift‘s new hair? [blemish]
Nicole Kidman wants us to believe she sometimes eat Wendy’s [socialite life]
OMG odd couple: Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan [popeater]
Justin Timberlake is on the make and Jessica Biel is nowhere to be found [betty]
OMG celebrity sex faces! [celeb jihad]
A rescued lion, tiger, and bear all live in harmony together at a rescue center [towleroad]
These are the stars who won’t watch their own movies [agent bedhead]
OMG male buttcheeks in the new World Wildlife Federation ad! [oh la la]
John Mayer is insensitive at best, racist at worst [celebitchy]
OMG Gary Busey has sex! [dlisted]
Lindsay Lohan uses Twitter to brag about saving children [gabby]
OMG it’s Star Wars… ZOMBIFIED! [unreality]
Who is Blake Lively spooning in the nude in her new movie? [evil beet]
OMG do not mess with the bad-ass hot dog vendor! [uncoached]
Man returns to scene of Baghdad suicide bombing to rescue his dog [kenneth]

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