!! OMG gossip: Do cats like wearing clothes? !!

OMG sad cats in a costume contest! [dlisted]
Britney Spears tried to sneak into the Lady Gaga concert in L.A. [pitnb]
Same-sex marriages will resume in California on August 18 [towleroad]
Alicia Keys’s husband Swizz Beats a dead-beat dad? [cityrag]
Karate a cure for cross-dressing children? It worked for me! [queerty]
OMG 11 most evil movie boyfriends! [popeater]
Still loving Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s tomboy phase [faded youth]
Mischa Barton gettin’ high in St. Tropez [l.a. rag mag]
Brazilian model Santi Waine is flexible and mostly naked [oh la la]
Just how sloppy did LeAnn Rimes get on her birthday? [betty]
Meet Kelsey Grammer‘s 29-year-old flight attendant girlfriend [starcasm]
George Michael has been arrested for _________. Drugs this time. [evil beet]
OMG Teen Witch rap scene! [kenneth]
Alanis Morrisette is pregnant, will not smoke weed during pregnancy [socialite life]
OMG granny beaten and peed on by her 5-year-old grandson! [tabloid prodigy]

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