!! OMG gossip; Expanding celebrities !!

Kevin Federline is now officially plus-sized [wimb]
And so is Val Kilmer [celebslam]
Kanye West is making his seasonal trip to Paris for fashion week [kanye west]
Did Obama’s Presidential Inauguration Committee purposefully exclude openly gay bishop Gene Robinson‘s invocation from the televised portion of the Inaugural celebration on Sunday? [queerty]
Hot Russian tennis player Evgeny Korelev looks good shirtless with a surfboard [kenneth]
Broadway actress Patti Lupone freaks out on a photo-taking audience member in the middle of a song [l.a. rag mag]
Dutchess Sarah Ferguson gives money to a homeless man in New York [socialite life]
OMG Miss USA did porn! [drunken stepfather, link NSFW]
Do you really need someone to tell you why Mall Cop is a bad movie? [pajiba]
Will Condoleezza Rice have an acting career? [faded youth]
Openly gay Portland mayor teenage sex scandal continues [towleroad]
OMG digital Polaroid with instant print! [kevinknows]

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