!! OMG, gossip: For Sofia Vergara, the curtains don’t match the drapes !!

OMG, Sofia Vergara is actually a natural blonde [amy grindhouse]
If you’re wondering whether you look better with glasses or without, just ask this cat [jezebel]
What’s more fun — the best or the worst of Emmys fashion? [evil beet]
…And speaking of the Emmys, check out the top 25 pictures of women with their statues [after elton]
Warning: Your eyes will hurt if you watch this video of Paula Deen deep-throating a dessert [dlisted]
Apparently, gays are seven times more likely to try drugs than the general population. Go figure [kenneth]
OMG, botox: Nicole Kidman‘s face is terrifyingly wrinkle-free [celebitchy]
Hugh Jackman is one jaaacked man in the first official image from “The Wolverine” [oh la la]
Wait, now there are TWO Kanye West sex tapes?! [popbytes]
Sh*t just got real: The trailer for the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills has hit the fan [socialite life]
Next up on Netflix: The best horror films of the 1960s [celebrity cafe]
OMG, waking up to find a stranger in your bed can be… confusing [double viking]
Love Ellie Goulding‘s latest sound? Here she explains the inspiration behind her music [arjan]
Pregnant, again: Beyonce [allie]
This is what hunting Palins looks like [joe]
No, I was not drunk when I hit that guy with my car, says Lindsay Lohan [tabloid prodigy]
Who is this man and where can we get more of him? [berry]
OMG, Mitt Romney is hilarious… [towleroad]

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