!! OMG gossip: Gay celeb break-ups! !!

36-year-old TV actor T.R. Knight has broken up with his 20-year-old boyfriend Mark Cornelsen [dlisted]
And a Power-Les break-up? Rosie O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter are on the rocks. [l.a. rag mag]
Who called Tom Cruise the “biggest bore on the face of the Earth”? [popeater]
OMG will “.gay” domain names become a reality? [towleroad]
Mary Murphy talks to Ellen Degeneres about her abusive marriage [socialite life]
OMG celebrity casting photos from before they were famous! [amy grindhouse]
Brad Pitt has grown a long, nasty goatee worthy of a diehard NASCAR fan [cityrag]
Blake Lively has make-up on her boobs [celebitchy]
OMG new Twilight: New Moon trailer featuring shirtless Taylor Lautner and other wolfboys! [oh la la]
Katie Price does Marilyn Monroe [hollywood rag]
Abercrombie models still have no pubes, and maybe no hair follicles or penises [kenneth]
OMG David Letterman sex tape? [hit dan back]
OMG worst and most unsatisfying reality show ever! [pajiba]

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3 Comments on "OMG gossip: Gay celeb break-ups!"

  1. TR has a trainer?

  2. One toy-boy to another? Wonder if this Blind Item was TR?
    This openly gay actor has been in a committed relationship for YEARS, but he’s been having a secret affair for several months with a toy boy half his age. It’s his personal trainer. To complicate matters, this actor and his partner decided to adopt a baby, and now the partner is pushing to hurry things up. The trainer is freaking out because he hoped the actor would leave the partner for HIM! What will our gay actor DO?

  3. T.R your Bf is three times as hot as you. Bad move biatch!

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