!! OMG gossip: Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t understand why people hate GOOP !!

Gwyneth Paltrow defends her indefensible GOOP [dlisted]
Miley Cyrus wants to tattoo boyfriend Justin Gaston‘s initials on her body [inquisitor]
Britney Spears is now officially owned by her dad [socialite life]
Rupaul‘s new show Drag Race promises to entertain [the sword]
Fourfour tries to discover the identity of the real Wrestler [fourfour]
Kylie Minogue is officially dating supermodel Andres Velencoso Segura [fametastic]
OMG Martin Short‘s buttcrack! [celebslam]
Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony may split up after Valentine’s Day [lainey gossip]
OMG five U.S. Presidents in one room! [faded youth]
Howie Mandel will inexplicably be hosting a second show on NBC [bwe]
OMG kissing relay race in New York City! [cityrag]
Carmen Electra does not approve of Vegas weddings [the bosh]
Did New York Senate Democrats kill the gay marriage bill behind closed doors? [towleroad]

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  1. Kylie’s new piece has some nekkid pictures out there. She’s a lucky gal.

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