!! OMG gossip: Jessica Simpson gets groped !!

Who is the man grabbing Jessica Simpson‘s boob in public? [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
Adam Lambert made out with a girl the other night. Guess who? [towleroad]
The Dalai Lama has put in his two cents about Tiger Woods [gabby]
B-52s frontman Fred Schneider has a new rock project [popeater]
Everything personal you ever wanted to know about Jude Law [betty]
Jennifer Lopez is looking for a new record label… She better throw on those Louboutins [dlisted]
OMG Olympic Village kinkiness! [gawker]
Janet will be the fifth Jackson on the Jackson 5 Tour [socialite life]
Ryan Phillippe was cheating on girlfriend Abby Cornish and now no longer has a girlfriend [l.a. rag mag]
The Jonas Brothers touch balls [celeb jihad]
OMG shirtless bros hanging out! [oh la la]
Pamela Anderson or trannie? You decide. [kenneth]
OMG incredible Lego artworks! [2leep]
This is reason number one not to slap a cop in Romania [uncoached]

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  1. Hey so just a heads up, i had [gawker][celeb jihad] and [uncoached] open from this post and I got a virus. a fairly minor one but regardless. I was able to system restore but still those were some shitty and scary hours. be careful!!!

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